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Friday April 27-Saturday April 28: "Interiorities: Reflecting Subjectivity and Sociality."
This is the first annual Duke-Stanford graduate student conference. It will be held this year at Stanford.

Cosponsored by the Center for Philosophy, Arts, and Literature at Duke University.

Building 460

This conference will bring together doctoral students and scholars from both coasts to reflect on how social life conditions the formation, exposure, and expression of selfhood, while playing close attention to the irreducible features of subjective experience. Through a series of panel discussions, lectures, and a reading session, we hope to encourage the dialogue between disciplines across the humanities and interrogate art forms and discursive modes that bring into focus the meeting of subjects and worlds.

Friday, April 27
1-2:30pm: Registration
2:30-3pm: Welcome and opening remarks
3-4:30pm: Opening keynote—Karla Oeler (Film, Stanford): “Cinema and Soliloquy”
4:30-6pm: light dinner for participants

Saturday, April 28
10-10:45am: breakfast
11am-12:15pm: Graduate Panels (two simultaneous)
Panel A: TBA
Panel B: TBA
12:15-12:30: break
12:30-2pm: Text-based Workshop
2-2:45: lunch
3-4:15pm: Graduate Panels (two simultaneous)
Panel C: TBA
Panel D: TBA
4:15-4:30: break
4:30-6pm: Closing Keynote—Yi-Ping Ong (Comparative Thought and Literature, Johns Hopkins): "Anna Karenina Reads on the Train: Readerly Subjectivity and the Poetics of the Novel"
6-8pm: Banquet and Closing Remarks









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