English and Philosophy

Students declaring the English and Philosophy major must choose a total of seventeen courses for a minimum of 75 units. Each course can only be counted once (i.e., can only satisfy one requirement). Up to 10 units of courses in Philosophy (80, 100-, 170-, 180-) may be taken C/NC, as may the English elective courses; all others must be taken for a letter grade. No substitutions (including transfer credit) are allowed for Phil 80, English 81, or the Capstone seminar. Courses should be taken to fulfill the following requirements:

Literature (35 units)

  1. Poetry and Poetics: ENGLISH 160.
  2. Narrative and Narrative Theory: ENGLISH 161.
  3. Writing Intensive Seminar (WIM): ENGLISH 162W.
  4. Introduction to English I: ENGLISH 10A or 10B.
  5. Introduction to English II: ENGLISH 11A or 11B.
  6. Introduction to English III: ENGLISH 12A or 12B.
  7. One Pre-1800 Historical course.


  1. Philosophy Writing in the Major course:  PHIL 80.
  2. Aesthetics, Ethics, Political Philosophy: a course from PHIL 170 series.
  3. Language, Mind, Metaphysics, and Epistemology: one course from PHIL 180 series
  4. History of Philosophy: one course in the history of philosophy, numbered above PHIL 100.

Literature and Philosophy

  • Gateway course in philosophy and literature (ENGLISH 81).  This course should be taken as early as possible in the student's career, normally in the sophomore year.
  • Two upper division courses of special relevance to the study of philosophy and literature. A list of approved courses is available from the director of undergraduate studies in English.
  • Capstone seminar of relevance to the study of philosophy and literature, drawn from a list approved by the director of undergraduate studies in English.

Blakey Vermeule
Blakey Vermeule

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