Crossing departmental boundaries.
Expanding perspectives.
Opening minds.

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Philosophy + Literature is a unique initiative that brings together faculty from more than 10 departments, along with curious undergraduate and graduate students, to ask and answer big questions.  For example:

  • Should we live our life as a story?

  • Must we always be honest with ourselves?

  • Can philosophical approaches account for the specific power of literary works?

  • Can literary devices contribute to philosophical goals?

One of the only programs of its kind, nationally and internationally.

Join a reading group. Participate in a research workshop. Attend talks and conferences.

Undergraduates can explore the terrain and expand their horizons by starting with our Gateway Course. It's the first step in special major tracks in philosophy and literature.

Graduate students can take a PhD Minor, or gain unique interdisciplinary teaching experience supporting the undergraduate program.

Browse books by our faculty

Gregory Freidin, 2009
Reviel Netz, 2009
Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht, 2013