Robbie Kubala on Aesthetic Fraudulence, Achievement, and Value

Robbie Kubala
Mon October 12th 2020, 6:00 - 7:30pm PDT
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Philosophy and Literature at Stanford
German Library (Building 260, Room 252)

Robbie Kubala is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He received my Ph.D. in Philosophy from Columbia University, where I also taught in the Core Curriculum. His research interests include normative ethics (esp. non-ideal moral theory), aesthetics (esp. aesthetic normativity), and philosophy in/of literature (esp. Proust).

Robbie will connect some observations about fraudulence (emerging from readings of Ben Lerner's novel Leaving the Atocha Station, the film Whiplash, and the TV show Mad Men) to some broader philosophical theories about the metaphysics and normativity of aesthetic value.

A light dinner will be provided.