National Literature Sequences

Students pursuing the major track within the Philosophy department are required to take a three-course sequence in a single national literature. ("National" here refers to a linguistic domain, which may span a number of countries.) In cases where a national literature department or program has a required or recommended three-course sequence, the student should normally take that sequence. For other national literatures, the student should consult with their advisor in Philosophy and with the director of undergraduate studies for Philosophy and Literature.

Here are some existing national literature sequences, in alphabetical order. (Last updated: December 2020.)


(1) One course in the ENGLISH 10 series
(2) One course in the ENGLISH 11 series
(3) One course in the ENGLISH 12 series



Three of the following four courses: (1) FRENCH 130: Introduction to Medieval and Renaissance French Literature
(2) FRENCH 131: Absolutism, Enlightenment, and Revolution in 17th- and 18th-Century France
(3) FRENCH 132: Literature, Revolutions, and Changes in 19th- and 20th-Century France
(4) FRENCH 133: Literature and Society in Africa and the Caribbean



(1) GERMAN 230: German Literature, 800-1700
(2) GERMAN 231: German Literature, 1700-1900
(3) GERMAN 232: German Literature, Modernity



(1) ILAC 157: Medieval and Early Modern Iberian Literatures
(2) ILAC 136: Modern Iberian Literatures
(3) ILAC 161: Modern Latin American Literature



(1) ITALIAN 127: Inventing Italian Literature: Dante, Boccaccio, Petrarca
(2) ITALIAN 128: The Italian Renaissance and the Path to Modernity
(3) ITALIAN 129: 19th and 20th Century Literature and Culture



(1) CLASSICS 201L: Latin Core I: Catiline
(2) CLASSICS 202L: Latin Core II: Age of Nero
(3) CLASSICS 203L: Latin Core III: History of Literature



(1) SLAVIC 145: Survey of Russian Literature: The Age of Experiment
(2) SLAVIC 146: The Great Russian Novel: Tolstoy and Dostoevsky
(3) SLAVIC 147: Modern Russian Literature and Culture: The Age of War and Revolution